Class 10th to 12th - All subjects

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Dive into the joy of learning with our Primary Power-Up program, designed to spark curiosity and a love for learning in young minds. Our experienced educators use interactive and engaging methods to make learning fun, laying a strong foundation in all key subjects.

Navigate the crucial middle school years with our tailored courses that bridge the gap between elementary understanding and high school challenges.

Our focus is on deepening knowledge, enhancing critical thinking, and preparing students for advanced subjects through personalized attention and comprehensive curriculum coverage.


Get a headstart on high school success with our specialized programs for grades 9 and 10. We emphasize mastery of key concepts, effective study strategies, and exam preparation to build confidence and academic excellence as students prepare for higher education.

Aim for the stars with our Board Exam Excellence program, tailored for grades 11 and 12. Our expert faculty guide students through the complexities of all subjects, with special emphasis on exam techniques and stress management to ensure peak performance.

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Class 10th

Complete curriculum for Class 10th, including all subjects.

Price: ₹50,000 INR

Class 11th & 12th

In-depth study materials for Class 11th & preparation for Class 12th, covering all subjects.

Price: ₹60,000 INR for 11th &
₹90,000 INR for 12th

Our Courses

Class 10th to 12th - All subjects, CA Foundation, CA inter, CA final, (Prog), B.Com ( Hnrs), BBA

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